Wild animals on YouTube

Monday I was in the famous ‘Greenroom’ of Wageningen University. No, the greenroom is not outside, relaxed, in the forest. Or, in a green park. No the ‘Greenroom’ is located in the basement of one of the WUR-buildings. And in that basement they make the clips for all online courses, within and outside WUR, such as the MOOC’s. And one type of clip is the ‘knowledge clip’. Monday I made one of those about my PhD-research.

In a short, really short –  way too short movie for a scientist –  I explained my research. In about four and a half minute I explained the highlights of my research. Of course I could tell much more about the 232 pages of my research. I only picked the diamonds. All the rest, including the anecdotal stuff, I reserve for an interactive audience.

To me this video-recording was challenging: trying to get my research across in a very short time-frame, finding the most relevant pictures, and last but not least, presenting in front of a camera.

Nevertheless it was fun to do. Although the first take went wrong. I had, luckily, one take left. Luckily, because there was no editing after recording the video. So, no cut and paste and do it over and over again. A max of two or three takes and pick the best one.

A funny detail: I was a bit early before the green-room specialist Jelmer arrived. And I saw ‘George Clooney’ all over the place. I thought: ‘What is HE doing here?’ Later I understood that his picture was projected in the lens of all camera’s. Clooney was in the end replaced by my  screening. Nevertheless, I wonder why they chose for Clooney (one of those questions ….). James Bond would be fun too, or otherwise a Simon Sinek or Catherine Devrye (both inspirational speakers). Next to that, there was of course ‘the spot’ on the ground, where you should stand. Funny enough I ended standing next to it….Just like my message (although not mentioned like that in the video): Think outside the box. For now, I was standing outside the box…

Another detail was that I shouldn’t wave too much to my left, otherwise my hand would be cut off. Luckily I didn’t need to show how to swim.

Besides all these details, it was all about getting the message across. Please judge yourself: