I am bear…

This first Bite I want to start with a matching poem I found. A short poem about a bear. And not just any bear. For me, the poem hits the heart of what I stand for. Above all, it is just beautifully and powerfully written.

I am bear……..
I am not just “a” bear
I am the forest.
I am the fragile ecosystem.
I am the running streams,
the canopy of pines,
the whistling winds,
the fertile soil,
and the radiant sun.
I am everything that is
and mysterious, in this universe.
I am not one of many.
I am all that is one.
I am bear.



by Jennifer S. Clayburg

When you have read this poem, perhaps you should read it again. It is a beautiful poem from the bear’s point of view. Could you also read it from the point of view of a unique and distinct human-person?

And then maybe something could be added, I’m thinking out loud, in terms of how a bear behaves in relation to a human, experiences humans around him/her, and lives together?

That is something I am still working on.

After all, creative processes cannot be manipulated.